Ripenn makes it easy to capture ideas, collaborate and create beautiful editorial calendars.

Editorial Calendar

Excel is great for your accountant, but is your content planning best served by a math tool? An editorial calendar needs to be as flexible as your workflow is unpredictable. Drag and drop your seeds onto a calendar, assign an author, and share it with anyone, even if they don’t have a ripenn account.

Content Suggestions

Get proactive suggestions for what to write about next. Ripenn delivers suggestions from sources like what people are searching for on Google, questions asked on Quora, and the most popular content across every major social network.

Idea Collection

We know that ideas can vanish as quickly as they come. Our mobile app lets you capture ideas the moment brilliance strikes. On your computer? Try our chrome extension to capture it with one click, right in your browser. (mobile coming soon)

Idea Storage

Even the best content ideas need time to grow. That’s why we call them “seeds”. When a great idea strikes you, add a seed to Ripenn.

Asset Management

Need place to store assets related to your project? Securely store them in Ripenn for easy access around the world. Images, slide decks, whatever your little heart desires. We’ll also help you keep track of new ideas that spin off from this existing content.

Custom Workflow

Everyone’s creative process is different. Our custom workflows let you add or remove steps based on your team’s workflow. Color code each content idea based on its current status. 

Collaborative Editor

Are you ready to get writing? You don’t have to go it alone. Bring your team in on the fun! We simplified track changes, added version control, and allowed for real-time comments right within the draft. Once the draft is finished, easily export your source code to any CMS.